Hello, and welcome to Thoughts, a student-run podcast by Glasgow University philosophy students.

In every episode, we explore a different philosophical topic with the help of an expert. Whether you're new to philosophy or already love the subject, we look forward to embarking on this philosophical journey together!

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Meet the team


Emaan Basat

Degree: 3rd year English Literature and Philosophy

Favourite areas of Philosophy: Political Philosophy, Virtual Reality

Fun Fact: Emaan knows four languages including sign language

Emaan's interests include great philosophical debates, watching Disney movies and socialising with friends. She didn't originally apply for philosophy but fell in love with it as her third subject. Emaan joined the podcast to help others fall in love with the subject too.


Laura MacPherson Zieger

Degree: 3rd year Philosophy

Favourite areas of Philosophy: Personal Identity, Political Philosophy, Formal Logic

Fun Fact: Laura spent lockdown in the Outer Hebrides

Laura grew up in the North-East of Scotland. In her spare time she enjoys singing, going out with friends and doing Muay Thai. She also loves cooking and discovering new recipes and dishes to try. She hopes that the podcast will help more people to see how useful philosophy can be in everyday life.


Hamish Stewart
Co-host and founder

Degree: 4th year Philosophy

Favourite areas of Philosophy: Aesthetics, Metaphilosophy

Fun Fact: Hamish has cycled the North Coast 500

Hamish's interests include good philosophical discussions, lacrosse and loving Scotland. Last year he did his study abroad in North Carolina where he joined a podcast and has been inspired to start a new one in Glasgow.


Arianna Clark

Degree: Philosophy graduate

Favourite areas of Philosophy: Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language, Ethics

Fun Fact: Arianna is so phobic of sharks that she cannot, under any circumstances, have a bath unaccompanied.

Arianna grew up in the backend of nowhere, somewhere in Scotland. She started climbing in University because it was the only sport that didn't feel like a sport. She joined the podcast because she is totally in love with the marvelous ways that minds can think, and wants to talk to people about it.


Ross Patrizio

Degree: 1st year Philosophy MSc

Favourite areas of Philosophy: Epistemology, Philosophy of Emotions, Political Philosophy

Fun Fact: Ross loves basketball and is a NY Knicks fan

Ross was born in London but grew up in Edinburgh. He is a guitarist in a band and spends most of his spare time writing and recording music. He joined the podcast so that he can spend more time chatting about philosophy and hopes to introduce others to topics they might not otherwise have come across!


Jasmine Hunt

Degree: 3rd year Philosophy

Favourite areas of Philosophy: Moral and Political Philosophy

Fun Fact: Jasmine has broken her left foot in four different places!

Jasmine is from Bedfordshire, England. In her spare time, Jasmine enjoys singing Opera, writing her blog interviewing inspirational women and creating Spotify playlists for every mood! She wanted to be a part of the podcast to further her knowledge of philosophy and help other people fall in love with the subject as quickly as she did!


Alexandros Constantinou

Degree: 3rd year Politics and Philosophy

Favourite areas of Philosophy: Political Philosophy, Epistemology, Logic, Morality, Ethics

Fun Fact: Alexandros knows how to play the flute

Alexandros comes from Nicosia, the capitol of the small island of Cyprus. He spends his time reading books and watching football. When he is not alone, he can be found in discussion about any contemporary issue that might pop up into his day. He joined the podcast to help initiate people into the joys of philosophical discussion.


Keir Aitken

Degree: Theatre and Philosophy Graduate

Favourite areas of Philosophy: Moral and Eastern Philosophy

Fun Fact: Keir can juggle three balls behind his back

Keir is from Edinburgh and spends most of his time creating work with his theatre company, Live Witness Theatre. He was eager to be a host for Thoughts because he loves nothing more than a good ol’ philosophical debate.


Katie Moody

Degree: 4th year Archaeology and Philosophy

Favourite areas of Philosophy: Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Language

Fun Fact: Over the last year, Katie has been learning to scuba dive

Katie grew up in Fife, Scotland. Her interests include theatre and hooping. She also plays the saxophone (poorly). Katie joined the podcast to try and get a wider audience interested in philosophy, and for the opportunity to learn about and discuss some interesting topics.


Alice Caunt

Degree: 2nd year Philosophy

Favourite areas of Philosophy: Existentialism, Philosophy of Religion, Political Philosophy

Fun Fact: Alice has cut her tongue so deep it nearly split in two

Swiss born and California bred, one of Alice's passions is her taste in music, even having got a wink from Clapton himself. But don't let her accent fool you, for Alice, philosophy is more than a subject, but a do or die endeavour to strip back dogma to unknown depths.


Marlies Humpelstetter

Degree: 4th year Politics and Philosophy

Favourite areas of Philosophy: Philosophy of Mind, Moral Philosophy

Fun Fact: Marlies has taken up sewing face masks during quarantine

Marlies loves learning and teaching languages, animals and meeting new people. She joined the team to connect with others, who are interested in philosophy and to create something that's both fun and insightful.


Silvia Paciaroni

Degree: 4th year Philosophy

Favourite areas of Philosophy: Theoretical Philosophy

Fun Fact: Silvia does archery

Silvia is from Italy and loves baking, playing music, and dogs. She joined the team to help people know more about philosophy and how it can be useful in everyday life.


Madeline Pritchard

Degree: 4th year Computer Science and Philosophy

Favourite areas of Philosophy: Philosophy of Language, Logic, Political Philosophy

Fun Fact: Maddy once played a black hole in a school play

Maddy grew up in rural Wales, and now has a reactionary aversion to being outside — she spends all her free time watching and thinking about movies. She fell in love with Philosophy because it's such a universal subject, and she joined the podcast to help others see that too.


Aaron Hundal

Degree: 3rd year Computer Science

Favourite areas of Philosophy: Free Will, Formal Logic

Fun Fact: Aaron is a big football fan and follows his local team Alloa Athletic home and away

Aaron took philosophy as a 3rd subject but thoroughly enjoyed it. He joined the team to encourage people to give philosophy a go.


Signe Emilie Eriksen

Degree: 4th year Business and Philosophy

Favourite areas of Philosophy: Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics

Fun Fact: Signe started weaving willow baskets in her living room during uni

Signe [see-nuh] originates from Denmark. She thinks English is a wonderful language and enjoys reading and writing it. She also thinks that bicycle touring is the optimal way of exploring the world. The philosophy podcast was the perfect opportunity to develop her sound editing skills and engage with even more philosophy... because that stuff is necessary for when you're trying to navigate through life or whatever you call this.


Constantinos Stylianou

Degree: 4th year Philosophy

Favourite areas of Philosophy: Philosophy of Physics, Ancient Philosophy, Metaphysics

Fun Fact: At the time of writing, he has more than 100 mosquito bites on him

Constantinos is from Limassol, Cyprus. Apart from reading philosophical texts, he loves cooking, filmmaking, photography and music. He joined the Thoughts team to get a chance to combine his passion for editing with that for philosophy.


Jonah Woodward
Freshers ambassador

Degree: 1st year Philosophy

Favourite areas of Philosophy: Philosophy of Mind, Free Will, Political Philosophy

Fun Fact: Jonah plays the clarinet and the saxophone

Jonah is from Cornwall, England, and loves the outdoors and a regular dip in the sea. He enjoys music, food, literature and philosophy, which he developed a passion for after studying it in the past. He now takes philosophy as his second subject.


Michael Slevin
Freshers ambassador

Degree: 1st year Digital Media and Information Studies

Favourite areas of Philosophy: Logic and Moral Philosophy

Fun Fact: Michael once closed a door on Kiefer Sutherland

A former TV worker bee, Michael went to uni to broaden his horizons, with philosophy being the ideal subject to do so! When not expanding his mind pondering the sovereign right to exclude, he can be found rehearsing with his country band Bone Idle Bros., playing tabletop and videogames or sending gifts to fellow Pokémon Go player Ruaridh.


Adam Nicholson

Degree: 1st Year PhD (come October)

Favourite areas of Philosophy: Cognitive Enhancement, Epistemology, Aesthetics

Fun Fact: Adam owned a verifiably 23 year old gold fish.

Adam hails from Neilston, a small village just south of Glasgow. When graduating with expertise in Romantic Poetry and TV Drama led to writing car ads (despite being unable to drive), he jumped ship to Philosophy, and is now primed to return to UoG to begin his PhD; inexplicably, he has swapped Coleridge for Cognitive Enhancement. He is presently marooned in the countryside, scribbling inveterately.


Monique Raranga

Degree: 4th year Neuroscience

Favourite areas of Philosophy: Philosophy of mind and emotion, ethics

Fun Fact: Monique has a 6ft tall stuffed elephant called Sera Tonin

Monique is a Filipino from the Scottish Highlands who enjoys crunchy grapes, creative projects, and typing very fast. She loves everything brain, mind, and soul, partly because it doesn't make sense - she hopes to find some satisfying answers through her Neuroscience degree and the philosophy groups she worms her way into.

Former Team Members

Ruaridh Gilmartin

Degree: 1st year Philosophy PhD

Favourite areas of Philosophy: Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of A.I.

Fun Fact: Ruaridh taught himself Circular Gallifreyan (from Doctor Who) to create his own tattoo.

Ruaridh is born-and-bred in Glasgow, and seemingly can't escape. His love of Philosophy derives from his love of Sci-Fi and he spends most of his days reading and writing towards his thesis, but can also be found out playing Pokemon Go or throwing the ball around with his dog, Pepper.


Bethany Mathews

Degree: 4th year English Literature and Philosophy

Favourite areas of Philosophy: Ethics, History of Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion

Fun Fact: Bethany can give you a hot chocolate tour of Glasgow

Bethany spent her childhood split between India and Texas. The bulk of her time is spent reading and hanging out with children or the elderly. Her hobbies include overspending at secondhand bookstores and occasionally emailing publications about typos she finds in their articles. She joined the podcast team because it combines her love for both podcasts and the UofG philosophy department.

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Frances Darling

Degree: 3rd year Philosophy

Favourite areas of Philosophy: Epistemology and Philosophy of Mind

Fun Fact: Frances has two dogs called Hamish and Floyd.

Frances grew up in Edinburgh, then lived in London where she worked in the fashion industry, and as a yoga teacher. In her spare time she likes exploring Scotland, preferably near a loch or the sea.