Episode 37: Aristotle's Ethics: A Look at Imitation, Habituation and Virtue / April 18, 2022

With Margaret Hampson

Hosted by Alexandros Constantinou Calum Morley

Calum and Alex talk to Dr Margaret Hampson about Aristotle's Nichomachean ethics and the ways in which we can become virtuous.


Episode 36: Drugs, Society and the Law / April 4, 2022

With Peter Krykant and Dr Saket Priyadarshi

Hosted by Jonah Woodward Neil Calderwood Calum Morley

Edited by Constantinos Stylianou

Calum and Neil facilitate a discussion between Peter Krykant and Dr Saket Priyadarshi on the situation with drug use in society, how we got here and where we could go.


Episode 35: The Theory of Everything: Metaphysics, Morality, and Meditation / March 21, 2022

With Geoffrey Moore

Hosted by Jonah Woodward Isabel Surbey

Edited by Constantinos Stylianou

Isabel and Jonah chat with Geoffrey Moore regarding his new book “The Infinite Staircase,” challenging conventional ideas about the relation between ethics and metaphysics.


Episode 34: Physicalism and the spooky side of metaphysics / Feb. 21, 2022

With Donnchadh O'Conaill

Hosted by Jasmine Hunt Keir Aitken

Edited by Signe Emilie Eriksen

This week Keir and Jasmine take a dive into physicalism with Donnchadh O’Conaill, a researcher at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland. We explore the issues that zombies (bodies with no brains) and ghosts (brains with no bodies) can pose for physicalism. We find out if physicalists should be checking under the beds at night or walking confidently into the dark?


Episode 33: Luck & Legal Epistemology / Feb. 7, 2022

With Dario Mortini

Hosted by Jasmine Hunt Keir Aitken Calum Morley

In this episode we discussed what the law can learn from epistemology, specifically concepts such as luck, fairness and testimony.