Episode 32: Dreaming of a white (lies) Christmas... / Dec. 25, 2021

With Dr Glen Pettigrove

Hosted by Jasmine Hunt Isabel Surbey

Edited by Signe Emilie Eriksen

In this episode we discussed whether white-lies can be justified for the sake of Christmas cheer.


Episode 31: Duties Towards Children / Dec. 13, 2021

With Areti Theofilopoulou

Hosted by Alexandros Constantinou Jonah Woodward

Edited by Constantinos Stylianou

Jonah Woodward and Alexandros Constantinou talk to Areti Theofilopoulou, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Hong Kong about the Duties that we have towards Children.


Episode 30: Wittgenstein & Value / Nov. 29, 2021

With Nick Purches-Knabb

Hosted by Alexandros Constantinou Jonah Woodward

Edited by Dylan Duff

Jonah and Alex talk to Nick Purches-Knabb about 20th Century Philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein – his impact on western philosophy, the complexity of his book, Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, and why the sentence ‘Superman came for tea’ is complete nonsense.


Episode 29: The Meaning of Art / Nov. 15, 2021

With Dr Jerrold Levinson

Hosted by Hamish Stewart Kate Moody

Edited by Constantinos Stylianou

Katie and Hamish chat with Professor Jerrold Levinson from the University of Maryland about the definition of art. Is it a definable category, and if it is, how should we define it?


EPISODE 28: SUPERIORISM / Nov. 1, 2021

With Bjoern Freter

Hosted by Hamish Stewart Alexandros Constantinou

Edited by Signe Emilie Eriksen

Hamish Stewart and Alexandros Constantinou talk to Bjoern Freter, an independent Scholar from Knoxville Tennessee to understand how superiorism underpins our modern world.