Episode 27: Reflections on Nature / Oct. 18, 2021

With Martin Bunzl

Hosted by Alexandros Constantinou Jonah Woodward

Edited by Dylan Duff

Jonah and Alex sit down with Martin Bunzl to discuss philosophical misconceptions about climate change, and why tackling it poses such a huge challenge.


Episode 26: Misanthropy / May 21, 2021

With Dr Ian James Kidd

Hosted by Ross Patrizio Kate Moody

Edited by Constantinos Stylianou

In this episode Katie and Ross chat to Dr Ian Kidd about Misanthropy – the view that it is appropriate to morally condemn humanity.


Episode 25: Mental Lives / May 7, 2021

With Dorothea Debus

Hosted by Keir Aitken Alexandros Constantinou

Edited by Signe Emilie Eriksen

What are the abilities of self-regulation and self-control over our mental lives? What does it mean to say that we are at one with ourselves? Dr Dorothea Debus, Professor of Theoretical Philosophy at the University of Konstanz joins Alexandros Constantinou and Kier Aitken to discuss these questions and many more in this episode of Thoughts.


Episode 24: Dissertations / May 3, 2021

With Dr Emma Gordon

Hosted by Jasmine Hunt Alexandros Constantinou

Edited by Constantinos Stylianou

How do you choose a dissertation topic? What are some common dissertation mishaps? In this episode, co-hosts Alex and Jasmine talk to Dr Emma Gordon, a research fellow in applied ethics and epistemology at the University of Glasgow who was voted Best Dissertation Supervisor at the University of Glasgow in 2020. They explore questions surrounding philosophy dissertations and discuss how to get around common hurdles that students face writing their dissertations. 


Episode 23: Alternatives to Democracy / April 23, 2021

With Dr Lewis Ross

Hosted by Keir Aitken Kate Moody

Edited by Signe Emilie Eriksen

In this episode Keir and Katie speak to Dr Lewis Ross, Fellow of Philosophy and Public Policy at the London School of Economics, about the problems with democracy and some of its alternatives.