Episode 15: Gender and Social Categories / Dec. 4, 2020

With Dr. Katharine Jenkins

Hosted by Ross Patrizio Alexandros Constantinou

Edited by Signe Emilie Eriksen

What does it mean for a category to be socially constructed? Are we wronged when we are cast into a social category that doesn’t characterize us? How does Gender relate to all this? Dr. Katharine Jenkins, lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Glasgow, joins Ross and Alexandros to discuss these questions and many more in this episode of Thoughts.


Episode 14: Victim Testimony / Nov. 27, 2020

With Dr Mona Simion

Hosted by Arianna Clark Ruaridh Gilmartin

Edited by Signe Emilie Eriksen

Why do we believe what we are told? When should we believe what we are told? And why is it so often the case that we suspend our belief exactly when others need it the most? Dr Mona Simion – Deputy Director of COGITO (and so much more) – is going to dissect these questions for us and explain to Ruaridh and Arianna why she thinks that, when it comes to cases of sexual allegation, we should (most of the time) believe the victim.

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Collab: GUAAS / Nov. 23, 2020

With Charlotte Kleine and Belen De Bacco

Hosted by Hamish Stewart Katie Moody

Edited by Constantinos Stylianou

In this episode co-hosts Katie and Hamish are joined by Charlotte Kleine and Belen De Bacco from the Glasgow University Art Appreciation Society (GUAAS). They find out about some of GUAAS’s upcoming events and discuss Walter Benjamin’s essay, “The Work of Art in the Age of Its Technological Reproducibility”, and the body in modern and postmodern space.

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Episode 13: Settler Colonialism / Nov. 20, 2020

With Karl Martin Adam

Hosted by Hamish Stewart Jasmine Hunt

Edited by Signe Emilie Eriksen

Are borders always bad? Believe it or not, some philosophers think they are. Today we speak to Karl Martin Adam - a PhD candidate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - who argues that settler colonialism is a case where borders seem like quite a good thing. Jasmine Hunt and Hamish Stewart join him in conversation.


Episode 12: Violence in Video Games / Nov. 13, 2020

With Dr Rebecca Davnall

Hosted by Katie Moody

Edited by Constantinos Stylianou

Why do we think of some violent acts in video games as wrong, and others not? In this episode, Katie Moody speaks to Dr. Rebecca Davnall, a lecturer in philosophy and game design studies at the University of Liverpool, about whether actions in video games can be morally wrong.