Episode 16: Autonomy and End of Life Care / January 01, 2021

With Professor Ben Colburn

Hosted by Ross Patrizio Alexandros Constantinou

Edited by Constantinos Stylianou

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In this New Year’s special, Glasgow University Professor Ben Colburn joins Ross and Alexandros in an in-depth discussion of the meaning of autonomy in Moral and Political Philosophy. What does it mean to be autonomous and ultimately why is it a good thing? Join us in contemplating these and many more questions in this special episode of Thoughts.

We break our Christmas holiday to bring you this insight into Ben Colburn’s autonomy adventures. From an extract from Proust’s In Search of Lost Time to popular questions of applied ethics of euthanasia, we dive deep into the concept of Autonomy. Ben orients us to different conceptions of Autonomy and why they matter before Ross and Alex dive deep into his own conception to find out about the meaning of voluntary action, end of life autonomy theorising and the importance of self-knowledge. In an increasingly complex world that has recently reminded us of our mortality, Ben offers a masterclass in how to handle our peculiar experience that is life and how to protect our autonomy. From the team here at Thoughts, from Ross, Alex and Ben, we wish you a great New Year filled with peace, good health, and personal self-fulfillment.


01:58 - Autonomy early on vs. at the end of life

07:24 - From Subjective to Objective view of Welfare

24:32 - Four dimensions of autonomy at the end of Life

31:28 - Assisted dying

38:59 - Is having acceptable options necessary for autonomy?

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