Episode 29: The Meaning of Art / November 15, 2021

With Dr Jerrold Levinson

Hosted by Hamish Stewart Kate Moody

Edited by Constantinos Stylianou

Posted in Main feed Philosophy of Art

Katie and Hamish chat with Professor Jerrold Levinson from the University of Maryland about the definition of art. Is it a definable category, and if it is, how should we define it?

The definition of art has been the subject of longstanding debate in aesthetics. In this episode, Katie and Hamish meet Jerrold Levinson, a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Maryland. They explore the different definitions on the market, and Levinson offers his own intentional-historical definition - that art is “something that has been intended by someone for regard or treatment in some overall way that some earlier or pre-existing artwork or artworks are or were correctly treated”.