Episode 30: Wittgenstein & Value / November 29, 2021

With Nick Purches-Knabb

Hosted by Alexandros Constantinou Jonah Woodward

Edited by Dylan Duff

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Jonah and Alex talk to Nick Purches-Knabb about 20th Century Philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein – his impact on western philosophy, the complexity of his book, Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, and why the sentence ‘Superman came for tea’ is complete nonsense.

During his lifetime, Ludwig Wittgenstein published only one book-length work of philosophy. Yet it remains one of the most influential philosophical works of the past 200 years. Jonah Woodward and Alexandros Constantinou sit down with PhD student Nick Purches-Knabb, to discuss the changing interpretations of Wittgenstein’s work and how it completely undermines our understanding of language, ethics, and philosophy.