Episode 36: Drugs, Society and the Law / April 04, 2022

With Peter Krykant and Dr Saket Priyadarshi

Hosted by Jonah Woodward Neil Calderwood Calum Morley

Edited by Constantinos Stylianou

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Calum and Neil facilitate a discussion between Peter Krykant and Dr Saket Priyadarshi on the situation with drug use in society, how we got here and where we could go.

Calum and Neil get the opportunity to talk to Peter Krykant, who is a political activist and Project Lead with the harm reduction charity Cranstoun, and Dr Saket Priyadarshi, who is an Associate Medical Director with Greater Glasgow and Clyde Alcohol and Drug Services. This episode discusses the distinctions between different forms of drugs, the issues surrounding drug use within society, the causes of these issues and what some possible solutions might be. It also includes a host discussion at the end where Calum, Neil and Jonah relate some of the topics covered with related philosophical concepts that a Philosophy student might encounter as part of their degree.