Episode 37: Aristotle's Ethics: A Look at Imitation, Habituation and Virtue / April 18, 2022

With Margaret Hampson

Hosted by Alexandros Constantinou Calum Morley

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Calum and Alex talk to Dr Margaret Hampson about Aristotle's Nichomachean ethics and the ways in which we can become virtuous.

How does one go about living a good life? In this episode Calum and Alex talk to Dr Margaret Hampson who is a lecturer in Ancient Philosophy at the University of St Andrews. They explore how Aristotle thinks about virtue in the Nichomachean Ethics, including what it consists of and how it links to the idea of living a good, flourishing life. The conversation then goes into more depth about the processes that Aristotle outlines for becoming a more virtuous person and Margaret’s interpretation of these processes, with a focus on the ideas of imitation and habituation.